Hugo Flex

Today I released the theme I made for this blog, Hugo Flex. It can be used with the static site generator Hugo.

As it is my first project with HTML and CSS, it is made with simplicity in mind and does not rely on any framework or external dependency.

While developing this theme I made some opinionated choices:

  • I decided not to go with the “reset CSS” approach and let the browsers decide on most of the basic styles (font sizes, paragraphs margins…);
  • I went with the system font stack used by Medium and Wordpress websites;
  • I included all the CSS directly in every page;
  • Last, I did not care about compatibility with older browsers and used CSS3 to make the theme responsive. This allowed me not to include any Javascript in the theme (except for optional shortcodes);

Feel free to use and modify this theme. Its repository can be found at: